Terms and Conditions 

Kingfisher Lodge and Five Islands House

Please respect and abide by our Kingfisher Lodge and Five Islands House Terms and Conditions below.


Kingfisher Lodge is available for occupation from 3pm on the day of arrival until 10am on the day of departure. (Update: please refer to our Covid 19 information with regards to check in and checking out times)


Five Islands House is available for occupation from 3pm on the day of arrival until 10am on the day of departure. (Update: please refer to our Covid 19 information with regards to check in and checking out times)

Please ensure you contact Martin/Lara prior to your arrival to provide an approximate time of arrival. Martins’ telephone number: 07900 807272 Lara’s telephone number: 07860 833424. Please note: We sometimes experience poor mobile reception where we live, so if you have difficulty in reaching us on our mobiles, then please contact us on our landline: 01986 788548

We take absolute pride and care with Kingfisher Lodge and Five Islands House and we expect that the properties are left as you find them. Prior to your arrival and when booking, we request an additional refundable deposit of £50 for Kingfisher Lodge and an additional refundable deposit of £100 for Five Islands House. We will only retain the deposit if we find that either of the properties are not left in an acceptable condition. See REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT CLAUSE for further information.

Kingfisher Lodge and Five Islands House can be rented for general holidays, including fishing when booking the lodge, cycling, walking and bird watching. We allow families to rent Five Islands House.

We do not allow all male groups or hen parties to rent either of the properties.

NO pets allowed at either property.

Minimum nights are seven nights; maximum nights: fourteen nights.

Kingfisher Lodge sleeps up to four guests.

Five Islands sleeps up to a comfortable six guests, but with the optional single bed can sleep seven.

Only named people (listed on the booking form) are allowed on the properties to fish – Kingfisher Lodge, or walk around the lake. We do not allow friends of the guests to visit either property.

Kingfisher Lodge fishing guests only – Consideration must be given at all times to fishing members who fish around the lake.

NO cycling or picnicking around the lake.

NO litter or rubbish to be left around the lake.

Entry/Exit to/from Kingfisher Lodge/Five Islands House is through a private gate, which must be closed and locked at all times.

NO smoking is allowed in either property. Please smoke outside and place ALL cigarette butts in a bag in the bins outside either of the property.

Kingfisher Lodge – NO children under the age of 14 are allowed to stay at the lodge. Five Islands House – We allow families to rent this property.

Outdoor shoes MUST BE REMOVED AND LEFT in the porch of the lodge/or utility room in the house before entering the properties.

NO responsibility will be taken for any injury, loss or damage to any persons or their property whilst staying at Kingfisher Lodge or Five Islands House, or for any inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond the owners control.

The owners maintain the right to enter either property at any time, as may be necessary.

Cycles and mountain bikes may not be brought into either of the properties. There is a secured shed where cycles can be stored.

Both properties have BBQ’s and can be used during their stay. Guests are required to bring their own coal.

GAS APPLIANCES – Gas appliances in the UK properties, by law, have to be installed and maintained by gas safe registered engineers and a copy of Kingfisher Lodge and Five Islands House service certificate is available in our welcome folder. If you have any doubts about the efficient operation of our gas appliances, i.e boilers, gas hob in the lodge, then please contact the owners immediately,. Please ensure that the gas hob and electric fire in the lodge are turned off after use and, in particular, check before you go to bed.

REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT -PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – Upon signing your booking form, you and your party have agreed to keep Kingfisher Lodge/Five Islands House clean and tidy and in a similar condition as you found it when you arrived. The owners request a further £50 refundable deposit (Kingfisher Lodge) / £100 (Five Islands House), which is paid upon booking either property. The owner will retain the deposit if the property is left in an unacceptable state for i.e if two cleaners take longer than two hours to clean Kingfisher Lodge or more than three hours to clean Five Islands House; if there is any damage to the property etc.

If the property (Kingfisher Lodge / Five Islands House) is left in an acceptable condition then the deposit will be returned within seven working days from the guests departure date, either by BACS or cheque.

BREAKAGES – We accept and understand that accidents do happen, which can result in breakages or damage to the property/equipment. We do therefore ask that you report any such accident, or any missing items, to us as soon as possible. Owners are entitled to charge you for the actual costs of any breakage/damage in or to the property, however we will be practical about each situation of this rule and consider each incident on a case-to-case basis. 

Where towels and bed linen are provided, this is for your convenience and comfort and we ask that you take special care when using them, so as not to damage or permanently stain them. The use of self-tanning lotion/fake tan is a particularly common example of something that causes permanent stains.

Please do not remove anything from the property. If you take something away by accident, please notify us immediately and return the item/s to the property at your own expense. 

PAYMENTS – will not be refunded if the lake/property is closed due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e foot and mouth outbreak, pandemics etc) however we will endeavour to transfer your booking to an alternative available date.

CANCELLATION – If you have to cancel your booking, please notify us as soon as possible and we will try to re-let the property for you. If we succeed, the balance of your rent will be refunded, however, if we cannot re-let the property, you will be liable to pay the full amount (if the cancellation is made within the 30 days prior to arrival). The deposit is non-refundable because re-letting at short notice is often difficult and expensive. We strongly recommend therefore you take out holiday cancellation insurance to protect yourself from this risk.

Fishing Terms and Conditions 

Kingfisher Lodge/Five Islands House guest information  

Please respect and abide by the Rules and Conditions below before fishing the lake. Most importantly the handling and welfare of all the fish in our lake is our number one priority and it should be yours too.

Kingfisher Lodge

A maximum of 2 guests with a maximum of two rods each, can fish from any of the three designated swims. We request confirmation of names of the fisherman (maximum of two) at least four weeks prior to your arrival. We don’t allow a changeover of fisherman during your stay. NO MALE GROUPS are allowed unless prior agreement from the owners.

There will be three designated swims to choose from until the end of 2020. From 2021 there will be two designated swims to choose from.

Five Islands House

A maximum of 1 guest with a maximum of two rods each, can fish from any of the three designated swims. We request confirmation of name of the fisherman (maximum of one) at least four weeks prior to your arrival. We don’t allow a changeover of fisherman during your stay. NO MALE GROUPS are allowed unless prior agreement from the owners.

Please pay for fishing on the day of your arrival.

Prices are:

£15 per rod for 24 hours (April – November).

£10 per rod or 24 hours (December to March).

The price for fishing includes a landing net, weigh sling, unhooking mat. Please note: You are not allowed to bring your own bait boat, keep nets or any of the above equipment.

Fish care and handling of all fish is our number one priority and should be yours too.

NO swimming or access to un-bridged islands.

NO pets allowed.

NO guns allowed.

NO litter to be left on banks (this includes cigarette ends).

Publicity of fish catches and lake business is strictly prohibited. Please note we do not have a website www.homersfieldlake.com which is the only place that you may publicise your catches. Please do send your pictures and your details to info@homersfieldlake.com

Fish of any species are not to be sacked even for short periods. If cameras or equipment is not available for immediate use then fish must be returned to the lake straight away with care.

Treat all fish that have been caught with care.

A fish care kit must be kept at all times.

Under no circumstances are any fish to be removed from the lake or killed.

Unhooking mats or sling tables to be used at all times.

A maximum to two rods can be used.

Marker floaters to be retried after use.

NO particle baits (nuts, hemp, beans and seeds etc) Tinned sweetcorn is allowed.

NO fish pellets except those purchased and supplied by the fishery.

NO fish to be introduced to the lake.

Barbless hooks only. No bent hooks, mugger hooks, fixed leads, shock leaders, lead core or rubber core. (if in doubt please ask).

Maximum weight or leads to be used on the lake is 3oz (3 ounces) only.

NO braided line to be used as fishing line (for spot and marker float rods only).

We may check tackle and baits to make sure these rules are kept in place.

NO wading to bait up and cast.

NO swims to be made or altered.

Fishing from any of the three designated swims only.

Permission must be given to allow any other guests at the fishery.

Use of a rowing boat is not permitted.

Inflatable dinghies are not permitted at the lake.

Bait boats can be used ONLY under the discretion of the owner. Please enquire about this beforehand. 

Any type of fish finder, electronic or otherwise is not permitted.

All guests who come to the fishery do so at their own risk. We take no responsibility from any accident, damage or loss to the guests equipment (tackle etc) or vehicles whilst staying at Kingfisher Lodge or on the fishery.

Excessive drinking leading to unruly or abusive behaviour towards staff at Homersfield Lake or to other members of the lake will not be tolerated.

If you bring a van as your transportation, we may ask you to park it at the members car park and we reserve the right to ask to check inside as well.

Please make sure you have environmental agency rod licenses.

Finally, please do not store any equipment or bait inside the lodge. Please store fishing equipment in the shed behind the lodge.

The owners reserve the right to stop you from fishing if found breaking the rules or causing any nuisance on the fishery.