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Terms and Conditions

1. When buying fish from us you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

2. Once we have discussed your order verbally, we will then require written confirmation.

3. When your order is ready, full payment must be made either before the fish are delivered or payment must be made at the time of delivery and before the introduction of the fish to the water.

4. All fish introductions must be accompained with a Section 30, this can be arranged by us.

5.  If delivery is being made by us then we guarantee live delivery of fish. In the unlikely event of mortalities you will be offered replacement fish or the cost of the mortalities refunded.

6. If fish are being collected, then we will not be responsible for our fish once you have left the property (Homersfield Lake IP20 0EU).

7. Once we have delivered to your premises/waters or you have collected from us and payment has been paid for your fish, you are agreeing that the fish are healthy and agreeing to them being placed in your water.

8. Please ensure that if you are wishing to buy Wels Catfish that you have the necessary licence to do so from your local EA area.

9. Please make sure you have help to put the fish into your water as this is not our responsibilty unless otherwise arranged.

10. All fish sold are subject to the neccessary paperwork and permission being given by the Environment Agency Fisheries Departtment.