Roach Fishing

Roach at the lake

The lake is looked upon as one of the best, if not the best, roach fisheries in the
UK. Specimen angler Phil Spinks made angling history back in 2017 by catching
SIX 3lbs+ roach in one session. The Angling Times described this as “the
greatest roach catch of all time”. In the same year a member caught a 4lbs 3oz
roach. Over the years we know of six different 4lbs+ roach being caught.

So many anglers have achieved their personal best roach while fishing here.
This includes four times world champion Bob Nudd MBE, while fishing one of
our charity match fishing events in 2022.

The lake regularly produces numerous roach over 2lbs and 3lbs. This is why
the Angling Times have described it as “The greatest roach venue in the land”
(November 2021).

“As a match angler I’m used to catching some big nets of roach and nothing
really phases me, but the roach fishing at Homersfield is something special.
Having never caught a 2lb roach in the UK after three visits I’ve had a 2lb 6oz
and a 2lb 7oz, plus close to a 100lb catch in a match. I’ll look forward to the day
when I can perhaps have a pleasure session and target a 3lb fish, now that would
be a real achievement for myself.”

Bob Nudd MBE 4x World Coarse Angling Champion (Nov 2022)