Our Films

Upcoming films

Over the last few years it became obvious after writing articles about our history
in the CARPology magazine and the sections we put at the end of ‘THE LAKE’
films that people wanted to know more about this. We continue to work on new
films that will cover our 60 plus years of carp fisheries and carp farms. These will
include interviews of people who fished at our lakes over the years, films dating
back to 1965 showing Waveney Valley Lakes in the early years and films from the
1980s catching carp at Waveney Valley and much more.

THE LAKE series

In 2021 we started filming our “THE LAKE” series of films. So far we have made
six films showing how Phil Spinks goes about fishing over the year and at the
same time catching some amazing fish.

All our films can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Carl and Alex fishing adventures

In 2019 Carl joined me to make a film at my company Japan Koi Export in Japan,
where we have been supplying koi to koi enthusiasts around the world for over
forty years. Many anglers also enjoy koi and garden ponds. So far this film has
now had over nine million views on YouTube.

In May 2021 the two brothers made a Carl vs. Alex film at the lake called ‘My
Dream Lake’. While here, we wanted to learn and know more about them, so we
made an interesting film about how and why they started fishing and became
YouTubers. Watch our interview below and watch their video on YouTube.