Full Membership

The lake has been owned and run by our family since 1978. Since then it has become known as one of the most prolific lakes in the UK.

The lake holds mirror and common carp up to 60lbs, roach over 4lbs, Wels catfish over 100lbs and tench over 13lbs.

Full lake membership is very exclusive and limited, and fortunately our membership is always full. Membership runs from 1st March until 28th February the following year.

If you are interested in joining our waiting list, its very helpful for you to provide us with some background information on your fishing history and experiences, this helps us to decide whether you are a suitable candidate for membership. 

Potential applicants would be invited to meet us at the lake to be shown round while discussing their fishing background. This will give us an opportunity to decide whether to offer a membership to you. 




Winter Membership

Homersfield Lake has become synonymous with excellent carp and roach fishing during the winter months, which has led us to start the winter membership at the lake.

During September, we look for anglers who would like to join our winter membership. Applicants will be shown around whilst they provide us with their fishing background.

Winter Members will be given priority to apply for a full membership, if one becomes available and at our discretion.

There are a limited number of places available. 

It’s very helpful for applicants wishing to apply, to provide us some background information of their fishing history and experiences.

If you would like to apply and be added to our waiting list, please email us with your relevant details at