Holding Ponds

Supplying fisheries across the UK

As a family we have been breeding carp since 1975 when we built the first
commercial carp farm in the UK at our home in Essex called Fishers Green Farm,
near Waltham Abbey on the River Lea. Back then we produced hundreds of
thousands of carp which were supplied to the Thames Valley Water Authority
where they supplied our carp all over the UK over the next seven years.

We created our own bloodline of carp at that time crossing mirror carp we had
brought in from Belgium with Magoi carp from Japan. This created a fantastic
strain of carp which we still improve and breed with today. The fish we bred
back then also were the first carp we stocked into Homersfield Lake in 1980.
Around 3,000 carp ranging from 4lbs to 36lbs were stocked. Now the lake
holds a huge head of carp. Carp that have been bred in the lake now reach
sizes of up to 60lbs.

Surplus fish for sale: Bream, Wels Catfish, Roach and Carp

During the season we are able to offer surplus fish to other fisheries from our
holding ponds. These can be picked up here or delivery can be arranged and all
come with a health certification. Email us.