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Fishing the Lake – Rules and Conditions

We allow a maximum of two guests staying at Kingfisher Lodge to fish from any of the three designated swims.

No male groups unless agreed with by the owners.

We require the names of the fisherman, (maximum 2) at least 4 weeks prior to their stay here at the lake.

Please note: we do not allow a changeover of fisherman during their stay. 

We allow a maximum of two rods per angler and prices are shown below.

Prices for fishing are:

(April – November) – £15 per rod for 24 hours and £30 per 24 hours for two rods.

(December – March) – £10 per rod for 24 hours and £20 per 24 hours for 2 rods (2 rods max)

Please respect the rules and conditions and important information below before fishing at Homersfield Lake. Most importantly the handling and welfare of all the fish in our lake is our number one priority and it should be yours too.

1.       A maximum of two guests from Kingfisher Lodge with two rods each, can fish from any of the three designated swims.

2.       The price for fishing, includes a landing net, weigh sling, unhooking mat. PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT allowed to bring or use your own of the above and keep nets and bait boats are not allowed).

3.       Bait boats are available for hire (POA).

4.       Fish care and handling of all fish is our number 1 priority.

5.       NO swimming or access to un-bridged islands.

6.       NO pets allowed.

7.       NO guns allowed.

8.       NO litter to be left on banks (this includes cigarette ends!).

9.       Publicity of fish catches and lake business is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please note we do have a website which is the only place that you may publicise your catches. Please do send pictures and your details to this address.

10.    Fish of any species are not to be sacked even for short periods. If camera or equipment is not available for immediate use then fish must be returned to the lake.

11.    Treat ALL fish that have been caught, with care!

12.    A fish care kit MUST be kept at all times.

13.    Under no circumstances are any fish are to be removed from the lake or killed!

14.    Unhooking mats or sling tables to be used at all times.

15.    A maximum of two rods can be used.

16.    Marker floats to be retrieved after use.

17.    NO particle baits (nuts, beans and seeds etc). Tinned sweet corn is allowed.

18.    NO fish pellets except those supplied by the fishery.

19.    NO fish to be introduced to the lake.

20.    Barbless hooks only. NO bent hooks, mugger hooks, fixed leads, shock leaders, lead core or rubber core. (If in doubt ask the fishery manager or bailiffs.)

21.    NO braided line to be used as fishing line (for spod and marker float rods only).

22.    The Fishery Manager or Bailiffs will be allowed to check tackle and baits to make sure these rules are kept in place.

23.    NO wading to bait up and cast.

24.   NO swims to be make or altered.

25.    NO fishing allowed in stock ponds.

26.    Fishing from designated   swims only.

27.    Permission must be given to allow any other guests at the fishery.

28.    Use of a rowing boat is NOT permitted.

29.    Inflatable dinghies are NOT permitted at the lake.

30.    The use of radio-controlled boats is permitted for free baiting only and are allowed during hours of daylight only. Hook baits and fishing lines are not to be taken out by the boat.

31.    Any type of fish finder, electronic or otherwise is NOT permitted

32.    ALL guests who come to the fishery do so at their own risk. We take NO responsibility for any accident, damage or loss to you, your guest, equipment (tackle etc) or vehicles while on the fishery.

33.    Excessive drinking leading to unruly or abusive behaviour towards the Fishery Manager, Bailiffs or others around the lake will NOT be tolerated.

34.    Please make sure you have Environmental Agency Rod Licenses.

35.    Finally please store fishing equipment and fish food in the shed behind the lodge. Please do not store any fishing equipment or bait inside the lodge.