Fishing with Phil Spinks

Fishing sessions with Phil

Long term member Phil Spinks is well known as a top specimen angler around the UK. Working for Angling Direct he is the main face on Angling Direct TV. He can be seen fishing the lake here on our YouTube channel in our “THE LAKE” series.

The only way non-members can fish here is by firstly renting Kingfisher Lodge or Five Islands House (terms and conditions apply). Or secondly by having a fishing session with Phil.

His catches at the lake have made history in the fishing world. In 2017 he had SIX 3lbs+ roach in one session, and in Feb 2020 he had a 4lbs roach (the lake has produced six different 4lbs+ roach in its time). He has had carp to 44lbs and in one session had a 20, 30 and 40lb fish, in August 2020 he had a staggering 99lbs Wels catfish.

In 2021 he had 188 carp. This included two forties, and numerous thirties and twenties.

Fishing sessions with Phil

Please email us for current prices for non-member sessions. Rates are reduced
for guests at Kingfisher Lodge or Five Islands House wishing to have a session.

Watch our videos to see what the late John Wilson thought of Phil’s success and also hear from Phil himself what he thinks about fishing here. Many of Phil’s previous anglers who have joined him for a session have achieved their PB.

Over the years many anglers who have joined Phil here on a session have not only got some great advice on angling, but have also caught their personal bests
during the sessions. These sessions can be arranged while staying at Kingfisher
Lodge or Five Islands House, or just as day sessions.

These sessions are highly recommended. He has years of experience catching
specimen fish all over the UK, you will gain a huge amount of knowledge spending time fishing with him. So whether its for carp, roach, catfish, tench or bream fishing please email us for more details, prices and availability.

If you’re interested in joining our full or winter membership waiting list a day session with Phil is a great way for us to meet you and for you to fish the lake.

Watch our films

Watch our films showing everything we do here, including Phil Spinks and the late John Wilson MBE giving us their thoughts about fishing. To see more of Phil fishing here over a year go to our YouTube Channel to watch ‘THE LAKE’ series.