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Fish Farm

Our farm is not big however we aim to produce quality fish and not vast quantities therefore maintaining a very high standard.

Producing: Carp, Tench, Roach, Bream and Wels Catfish.

For over 40 years we have been involved in fish farming in the UK and around the world.  In 2006, we have started to develop our own fish farm here at Homersfield Lake.

The first stage was completed in mid 2006 which was two earth growing on ponds, followed in 2008 by four more nursery ponds and growing-on ponds.

The next stage, will be a purpose-built hatchery and winter-holding ponds, followed by more growing-on ponds.

The main aim is to produce fish and reintroduce them back to the lake, therefore maintaining the high standard of fish stocks already here.

We have a strict bio-security system in place, making the welfare of our fish stocks our number one priority.

Only fish from the lake will be used as brood stock, and at no time will fish from outside the lake be allowed onto the farm, or lake.  The main species that we breed are Carp, Tench, Roach and Bream.

Surplus fish will be offered for sale to registered fisheries.  We also have an on going netting program on the lake where we harvest excess bream, roach and Wels catfish.

All fish that we offer are covered by the necessary health certification and if you have a Wels Catfish license we can sell these.  We can deliver fish as well.

For a price list, and up to date fish availability list with our terms and conditions please click on one of the options from the drop down boxes.
CEFAS Registered APB Number EW028-T-333A

Wels Catfish License number 1500

National Grid Reference TM28798572

Homersfield Lake Fish Farm – December 2016

Homersfield Lake Fish Farm – The mild weather in December allowed us to check on our carp that are “growing-on” here. These carp will be restocked into the lake when ready and any surplus will be available for fisheries around the UK to supply.

Fish available from the farm:

CARP – All sizes are available at certain times. From 3” to Specimens

TENCH –   From 3” to 7 lbs.

ROACH – From 3” to 12”

BREAM –   From 3” to 8 lbs

WELS CATFISH  – From 3lbs to 30lbs . On occaision we sometimes have 30 to 60lbs Wels available.