“The Lake” – series of films

2021 – We are currently in production filming our new YouTube series. The year-long filming schedule will follow us here at Homersfield Lake, providing an insight into the day-to-day running of the fishery, our breeding facility; members’ catches; and a look back at our families involvement in carp fisheries and carp farms which has spanned for almost 60 years.

For over forty years we have been interested in making fishing films at our previous fisheries and now here at Homersfield Lake.

Our good friend, the late John Wilson, filmed several of his Go Fishing programmes at Homersfield lake over the years. His last programme was filmed for the Discovery Channel in 2006.

Dream Fishing Homersfield Lake episode with John Wilson – watch here

The lake has also been featured on CarpTV and more recently, over the last few seasons, ADTV (Angling Direct TV) whom have made numerous films with their very own Phil Spinks.


For over twenty five years, Martin Symonds has been writing articles about carp fishing and Japanese koi carp.

His father Norman Symonds created Waveney Valley Lakes Caravan Park  in 1963. Over the next twenty five years this became the first commercial big carp fishery in the UK, which then became a mecca for the leading carp anglers to come too. Over these years Martin was fortunate enough to fish with anglers like Lenny Middleton, Rod Hutchison, Kevin Maddocks, Jack Hilton and many more.

Since 1995, Martin has written hundreds of articles in all the leading koi magazines around the world, from the USA, Holland, Indonesia, Japan, Germany and the UK.

Martin’s articles on carp fishing and the history dating back to those early days at the beginning of carp fishing can be found regularly in the Carpology magazines.

Koivision TV

Martin Symonds also produces Koivision TV which is an online subscription programme about Japanese koi and Japanese culture, directly from Japan.  

We hope you enjoy films from the lake and if you’re interested in koi carp please visit

Koivision TV videos

Episode One – Highlights

Episode Two – Introduction

Episode Three – Introduction

Episode Four – Introduction

Film Web Gallery

Phil Spinks – 4lbs Roach catch

Phil Spinks – Catfish 49lbs