Carp Fishing

Carp at the lake

Homersfield Lake has its part in carp fishing history. The lake was developed
out of us as a family having started Waveney Valley Lakes in 1962, which is
recognised as the place that the modern day carp angler and the blueprint for
future carp fisheries started. When we started the lake here, we knew we could
carry on everything we had done at Waveney Valley Lakes and at our fishery and
carp farm at Fishers Green in Essex to create something very special here
at Homersfield.

In 1980 we stocked over 3,000 carp from our fish farm in Essex, where we
had created our own bloodline of carp. At that time, these carp were not only
stocked into our own waters, but also numerous waters across the UK. Since
then we have created our own growing on ponds here where we continue to
breed and improve our carp’s bloodline and stock back into the lake.

Carp that have been naturally bred in the lake are now reaching weights of nearly
60lbs, which shows us how good our bloodline is and how prolific the lake is.
Overall there is a large head of carp in the lake, ranging from 10lbs to over 50lbs,
which we will continue to maintain either naturally within the lake or from our
growing on ponds.

Since 1978 the lake has created records for many anglers over the years and will
hopefully continue to do so.
Read more about our 60+ year history here.

“I think Homersfield is the most beautiful, well manicured, well managed fresh water fishery within the British Isles.”

The late John Wilson MBE (Jun 2018)